Dog tattoo identification offers a permanent and visible means of identifying your pet in cases where they are lost or stolen.

Appplied within seconds but lasting a lifetime, it requires no aneasthetic or sedation.

  Why is dog identification so important?

  • permanent, safe, visible ID
  • so reliable, cannot migrate or be removed
  • excellent deterrent to dog thieves
  • puppies can be sfely identified from just  6 weeks old
  • puppies tattooed in the litter are registered to owner and breeder, ensuring 2 points of contact and may also reduce number of dogs going into rescue centers
  • cost effective to breeders and individual owners


Litter tattooing - £10 per puppy + £20 litter registration                     

Individual adults or puppy & lifetime registration - £30                      

Change of ownership from breeder - £30                                          

Change of address / temporary arrangements - free                         


National Dog Tattoo Register

PO Box 5720

Harwich, ESSEX

CO12 3SY